At ZEMP NATURALS we intend to minimise the impact on the environment and to uplift all persons involved in the production and daily running of the business.

Our factory follows the BSCI Code of Conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and is currently undergoing the BSCI certification process. The final audit is expected to take place in the first months of 2020. After receiving the certificate, regular audits will be scheduled to ensure high social compliance standards are met and to guarantee that the business is operated under fair conditions. We believe it is vitally important to provide fairly paid jobs, acceptable working hours, safe working environments, equal opportunities and respect for the environment.


BSCI focuses on the following areas

Promoting occupational health and safety

Ending child labour and protecting younger workers

Eradicating forced/bonded labour and precarious employment

Encouraging freedom of association and collective bargaining

Supporting ethical business behaviour

Eliminating discrimination

Advocating for environmental protection