Social Responsibility

Zemp is committed to making a difference and to sustainability. Along with our commitment to sustainability, our corporate social responsibility projects reflect our values and goals. We are proud to have partnered with an organization that fits our three pillars of what we feel is necessary to face the challenges in life. These three pillars include education, nutrition, sports and recreational activities.


Peninsula School Feeding Association has been improving the lives of young children for over 63 years. This non-profit organization works to alleviate hunger among young learners and students in primary, secondary and special needs schools, as well as in Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Centres, Early Childhood Development Centres and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges (TVETCs) in Western province. By increasing school attendance and providing school meals, their main objective is to decrease short-term hunger and enhance children’s learning capabilities.

Our contribution to this cause is accompanied by a collaboration with the Peninsula School Feeding Association and Summerdale High School in Mitchells Plain, one of the schools they support, for a design initiative.

Design Initiative

On February 7th 2022, in partnership with Peninsula_School_Feeding_Association, we were invited to Summerdale High to address 600 of their eager grade eight and nine students to introduce the exciting design initiative they’d be at the centre of. There are two parts to the design initiative. First, there will be a creative art design chosen which we will print onto the lining for a limited edition range of bags. The second is a complete bag design which we will create and add to our collection. Proceeds from the sales of these bags will go towards supporting the school and students.

Sports and Recreational Activities

More to this aspect of how we understand corporate social responsibility in due course.

For more information about the Peninsula School Feeding Association please visit

Design initiative
Design initiative
Design initiative
Design initiative